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OSAEMR exhibiting at the Assembly of Didactic and Clinical Educators

Dan Simonson and Jack Hitchens will be exhibiting OSAEMR at the upcoming Assembly of Didactic and Clinical Educators at the Chateau Elán near Atlanta Thursday through Saturday.

Please Stop by Our Booth
We invite all of you attending to stop by the booth and have us give you a demonstration of our latest version.  Currently we are involved with Liz Bamgbose, Ph.D, CRNA at the University of Southern California in a grand program to train 40 DNAP students on how to create preanesthetic evaluations using OSAEMR.  Educators, we would love to aid you in replicating her design.  Our hope is to publish an article for the Journal about our experiences.  Lots of Capstone projects!

OSAEMR: Teaching the skill of pre-anesthetic evaluation
We encourage all of you educators to contact us about using OSAEMR as a tool for teaching pre-anesthesia evaluation.  OSAEMR is a free download to your student’s iPad, and by using it they can create a legible, uniform anesthetic evaluation PDF containing “anonomyzed” patient data to their preceptors before their cases.

OSAEMR’s long-term advantage
In addition to helping students learn the skills of pre-anesthetic evaluation, OSAEMR is a tool they can take with them beyond graduation.  We have over 400 users around the globe who use OSAEMR to document their cases in solo or small-practice situations.  Our mission is to make sure that every CRNA (and other anesthesia providers too;>) has the ability to digitally document their care.  

For CRNAs, Data is Destiny
CRNAs have prospered because we give tremendous care to our patients.  But in these days of big data, we need to be able to document that care.  Please join us in our mission to allow all CRNAs, especially those in solo and small practices, to digitally document their care.  

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