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OSAEMR for FileMaker Go has been updated to version 1.7.0

We have just uploaded a new version, 1.7.0 to the OSAEMR Version 1 Dropbox folder. We have spent 3 months coding and testing this new version, which we believe is a dramatic improvement. Those of you who have signed up in the past should still have the folder in your list of Dropbox folders.  If not, go to the enrollment tab and sign up

Help Videos

Videos folder are two videos we just created to help you update

The first, “Upgrading to FileMaker Go 18″ takes you step-by-step through updating your FileMaker Go to the new version, FileMaker Go 18; and the second, “Upgrading to OSAEMR_1_7_0” walks you through updating to this new version of OSAEMR.


1.  Student Care Plan – this is why we are calling it the “student edition” – greatly improved, many new fields and two new print layouts added.  And Presets for them as well.  Many thanks to Liz Bamgbose PhD, CRNA and the University of Southern California Program of Nurse Anesthesia for the input, we think OSAEMR now provides a state-of-the-art preanesthetic evaluation tool.  Students can conduct a full H&P at the same time, and we have added many more terms and functions to allow then to fully examine the patient and communicate their anesthetic plan and findings to their preceptors via an anonymized email message.  If you are a student or faculty member, please feel free to contact us for any assistance in setting up OSAEMR for your program.

2.  Remarks – now you can add as many custom remarks as you like and they will show up on the appropriate tab aa a scrolling list rather than checkboxes. : This will allow you to have very lengthy custom remarks as well as any number of them without having to worry that they won’t show up properly in the checkbox set.

3.  Needles – you can now add your own custom needles (getting ready for Pain Managment!)

4.  Consents – you can now add custom consents that include merged patient and provider names, and choose which one you want to use with each case (you can preset this as well.  Instructions on the Consent page in the Settings Section.

For more detailed information go to the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sf9zl0wckuchheb/OSAEMR%20%201.7.0%20Update%20Highlights.pdf?raw=1

Pain Management

On other fronts, now that this “student edition” is out, we can again re-focus on getting our Pain Management edition out next.  Board member Peter Pollachek, CRNA has been volunteering hours of his time to help us understand the needs of the pain management folks.  With his input, we hope to allow providers to record their pain management procedures with OSAEMR.  

Multi-User version

And we have had two multi-user facilities running OSAEMR for over a year now without any issues.  So if you have a small group of providers and are looking for a low-cost cloud-based anesthesia EMR, we feel OSAEMR will do the job for you.

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