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OSAEMR Exhibiting at AANA Mid-Year Assembly


Thanks again to support from the AANA, Dan Simonson and Jack Hitchens will be exhibiting OSAEMR in DC.  Please come by the booth and let us tell you about our latest OSAEMR developments:

The OSAEMR iOS App is in final beta testing stages.  We had hoped to debut it at MYA, but getting OSAEMR approved through Apple’s stringent security and malware protection methods takes longer than we thought.  

OSAEMR will be the first complete anesthesia EMR available as an iOS app.  And it is FREE! 

Our mission is to make sure that every CRNA can digitally record their care and thus participate on equal footing with the big hospitals in providing quality data.  

The OSAEMR “platform” has developed into three distinct products:

  • OSAEMR for iOS the iOS app will be available for free downloading from the Apple iOS App store on your iPad
  • OSAEMR for FileMaker Go is a file to be downloaded and opened using FileMaker Go on iOS and FileMaker Pro on Mac or Windows
  • OSAEMR Cloud, as a FileMaker database hosted on a FileMaker Server by our development partners, AppWorks.

Each of these choices has advantages and disadvantages.



Free (currently – this may change in the future) download from the Apple iOS app store

Easiest to install and set up


Cannot be updated to newer versions without losing your user data (surgeons, facilities, new meds you added, etc.).  However, if you wish you can move your datafiles to OSAEMR for FileMaker Go and preserver your user data.

OSAEMR for FileMaker Go


Free (currently – this may change in the future) download from our OSAEMR Dropbox folders

Updating the file to newer versions will preserve patient and user data


More technically difficult to install (you have to install FileMaker Go first, etc.)



Can be used in multi-user mode, allowing administrative and licensed staff to enter data as well, and can be shared on many iPads and desktop/laptops.


Not free – users must pay licensing fees to FileMaker and OSAEMR, and a hosting fee to AppWorks.

For More information go to: www.osaemr.com


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