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OSAEMR_1_0_0, Version 1

Dan Simonson and Jack Hitchens along with the rest of the Board of Directors of OSAEMR are pleased to announce, after 6 months of beta testing, the release of OSAEMR_1_0_0, Version 1 of our free Open Source Anesthesia Electronic Medical Record.

OSAEMR has been designed for CRNAs by CRNAs to allow them to digitally document their care in any practice setting.

CRNAs in solo or small group practices will find OSAEMR a great tool and timesaver in their daily routine, allowing them to participate in MIPS and other programs relying on data.

It is ideal for CRNAs needing an Anesthesia EMR (AEMR) to digitally document the care they give on mission trips or smaller Dental or Podiatry practices. An internet connection is not required to use OSAEMR during a case – charts and reports can then be uploaded later when a connection is available.

SRNA’s and faculty will love the ability to pre-op patients and instantly email their care plans (which OSAEMR anonymizes to eliminate privacy concerns) to their preceptors.  The beta version of OSAEMR has been used in several educational programs and simulation labs across the country with great results.

Check out our website www.osaemr.com and download the user manual to see all of the features OSAEMR has to offer.  

If interested in downloading a copy of OSAEMR, complete the enrollment form on the website and you will be sent instructions inviting you to download the app.

Our mission at OSAEMR is to make sure that every CRNA has the opportunity to participate in the emerging digital healthcare world. Data is Destiny!


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