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OSAEMR is ready for Beta Testing!

OSAEMR is ready for Beta Testing!

We have been working with our App.Works developers for the past seven months to turn our OSAEMR prototype into a robust full-fledged application that will provide CRNAs with the first and only free/low cost anesthesia electronic medical record for CRNAs that works on an iPad®. 

We are now ready for Beta testing of the application and are calling for dedicated CRNAs and other interested professionals to help us test OSAEMR before we put up our first version.

As a Beta-tester, you will be asked to download the app and install it on your iPad, then test it out in real-life scenarios.  To insure things don’t get out of hand, our Beta testing program is limited to 50 people, mostly on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you are interested in participating, please send an email to:


and we will respond with an invitation or, if we are over our number, a very nice thank you! ;>)

Our plan is to make version 1 free to CRNAs – with subsequent versions priced only to support the cost of continued development.  We have created a federally-exempt non-profit company, OSAEMR, Inc. to manage and distribute the app.  You can visit our website here:


As a way to reward you for your participation, Active Beta testers will be able to download OSAEMR free for the first two production versions (through OSAEMR_2.0.0). 

We are looking for beta testers from the following areas: 

  • Rural, solo and small-practice CRNAs
  • Faculty and students of CRNA educational programs
  • CRNAs participating in volunteer overseas missions
  • CRNA-owned anesthesia management companies

In order to use OSAEMR, you must meet the following requirements.  The downloadable user manual will instruct you on how to accomplish some of these:

  1. An Apple® iPad running iOS 10.2 or later
  2. iTunes 12.x or later
  3. The FileMaker Go 16 app, available for free to download from the App Store
  4. A DropBox account – http://www.dropbox.com

Below are some of the features of OSAEMR:

Created for independently-practicing CRNAs.  There is nowhere to note “attending anesthesiologist” or the TEFRA rules.  

OSAEMR creates a complete anesthesia record.  With it, a CRNA can:

  1. Create a patient, set up their demographics and insurance information
  2. Create a new anesthetic record for that patient
  3. Create a full pre-anesthetic evaluation, or take a photo of any pre-anesthesia documentation and incorporate it into the record
  4. For faculty and students, it can create an “anonymized” anesthesia care plan which can be emailed to their preceptors from within the app
  5. Document all aspects of your anesthetic:
    • Preop, intraop, and postop medications and medication totals
    • Vital signs, with the ability to add photos of the monitor in trend mode to document vital signs without tedious data enty
    • Gases and volatile agents
    • Fluids, including hung and given
    • Controlled substances, including amounts checked out, administered, wasted, and returned, along with the ability of a witness to digitally sign the record of those amounts.
    • Ventilator settings including ventilator modes
    • Photos of regional block ultrasounds
    • Consents (with the ability of the patient to sign the anesthesia consent on the iPad)
  6. In addition to allowing CRNAs to document their care, OSAEMR gives the ability to create Preset templates allowing completion of routine entries for specific types of cases (think carpal tunnels, cataracts, PE tubes) with the tap of a single button – such things as:
    • Monitors and equipment
    • Standard blocks and medications
    • Gases and agents
    • Entry of routine meds, gases, fluids, and remarks timed to various aspects of the case – anesthesia start, ready, and end, surgery start and end, and PACU admission
  7. Billing and Practice Management
    • Enter patient insurance data, including photos of insurance cards and authorizations as well as driver’s licenses etc.
    • Create “posting sheets” – single-page pdfs of all the data required to bill the patient which you can then transmit securely to your biller
    • Calculate total unit charges for each patient using codes and base units that you enter in Setting
    • Store copies of your licenses, malpractice face sheets, CE certificates and any other practice documents in your CRNA record in the App, allowing you to easily select and forward them as email attachments right from your iPad
    • Store logos of your facilities and incorporate them into the pdf versions of your anesthetic record which can then either immediately printed out or transmitted securely to the facility – or add the logo of your anesthesia service!

To the future of our profession,

Dan Simonson, CRNA dsimonson@osaemr.com

Jack Hitchens, CRNA jthitchens@osaemr.com

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